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I'm currently reading Bookworm: A Memoir of Childhood Reading by Lucy Mangan, which is a charming account of the author's adventures in literature from an early age. I'm enthralled by the nostalgia. Ms. Mangan and I, it seems, read many of the same books in our early formative years and share a love of discovering new (if not particularly useful) words.

I'm yet to read beyond Mangan's primary school years, but am looking forward very much to discovering new YA books of bygone years to add to my ever-increasing reading list!

The quote above particularly stood out among the many wonderful, inspiring and endearing lines. To provide a greater sense of context, the passage in full is as follows:

"You simply never know what a child is going to find in a book (or a graphic novel, or a comic, or whatever) - what tiny, throwaway line might be the spark that lights the fuse that sets off an explosion in understanding, whose force echoes down years. And it enables me to keep, at bottom, the faith that children should be allowed to read anything at any time. They will take out of it whatever they are ready for. And just occasionally, it will ready them for something else."

My full review of Bookworm will be published shortly (spoiler: I think it's wonderful so far!). In the meantime, feel free to grab and share this quote!

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