Rebecca 80 Year Anniversary Edition

To mark the 80 year anniversary of publication, Virago have released a beautiful special edition of Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier.

We are marking this milestone with a gorgeous jacketed hardback edition, featuring artwork designed by Hannah Wood and brought to life by Hand & Lock, a specialist embroidery firm.

Featuring an introduction by Sarah Perry and an exquisite jacketed hardcover, this edition would make a beautiful gift or worthy asset to any home library.

Photographed in Waterstones, Sheffield.

The jacket cover was inspired by a scene in the novel where the new Mrs de Winter finds Rebecca’s azalea-scented, monogrammed handkerchief. This inspired Virago's art designer to produce a monogram, using the ‘R’ and the iron gates synonymous with Manderley, which were then stitched and padded on fabric to the dimensions of the book jacket. This was then photographed and embellished with gold foil to appear as gold threads.

During my visit to Waterstones yesterday, I was able to find a copy on the shelves. It is a truly beautiful edition, with a lengthy introduction and additional material exclusive to the edition. The cover is deceiving: unless you hold it in your hands, you will be forgiven for assuming it is indeed an intricately stitched, clothbound edition!

Learn more about the special 80th anniversary edition of Rebecca over on the Virago website. It is available to buy now from all major booksellers with an RRP of £14.99.

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