Friday 29 August 2014

Gone Girl - Book Review

Amanda Kennedy
Book cover via Gillian Flynn

So... I've seen and read a LOT about this book in recent months. Of course it's an international bestseller. Then there 's the upcoming movie adaptation (incidentally by one of my favourite directors), and the fact that it's on my "reading list" (namely, Amazon's 100 books for a lifetime). I thought it best to read before watching the film, so ordered from the library and began reading it about two weeks ago. For me, two weeks reading a single <i>novel</i> mean's I didn't really enjoy it that much. at least not at first.

Perhaps the saving grace for the first half of this book was that I'd already (unwittingly) discovered there would be a big plot twist. Because the first half or so of the book was HARD. Not that it was boring or uninteresting. It just didn't engage me. I read a little every night out of a sense of duty, with each chapter dangling just a little more suspense to keep me going.

By yesterday, I'd gotten to that wonderful, intricately planned and perfectly executed plot twist. From that point forward, I couldn't put it down. Were it not for my youngest having a rough night and zapping my dwindling alertness, I would have finished that second half in a single night.

Ms. Flynn, your novel played with my head as much as your character's played with each other's! I now sincerely look forward to reading your other two novels.

Amanda Kennedy / Book Blogger, Writer & Editor

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